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St. Stamford Modern Hospital

St. Stamford Modern Hospital in Guangzhou is one of the leading private cancer hospitals in the province and the first China-Singapore joint venture Joint Commission International ("JCI")-accredited hospital in China. Its primary expertise include the medical specialties of Oncology, Fertility, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Dentistry as well as Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery.

St. Stamford Modern Hospital is operated by St. Stamford International Medical ("St. Stamford"), a brand established through a 40-60 joint venture with Guangdong Boai Medical Group Co., Ltd ("Guangdong Boai") to own, develop and operate hospitals and medical services in China. Guangdong Boai is a subsidiary of China Boai Medical Group ("BOAI"), one of the largest private hospital and medical service operators in China.

Over time, St. Stamford targets to grow its portfolio in China's first-tier and second-tier provincial cities. The joint venture enjoys access to Perennial's greenfield and completed integrated developments, as well as BOAI's existing portfolio of hospitals and acquisition pipeline across China.

Perennial owns an effective interest of 40% in St. Stamford.


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