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Perennial Alzheimer’s Care Village XI’AN

Perennial Alzheimer’s Care Village Xi’an (“PACVX”) is China’s first Alzheimer’s care-focused integrated healthcare development comprising a dementia care home with about 450 beds (the largest1 dementia facility in the country), a nursing care hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, and an international eldercare research institute.

A one-stop healthcare development spanning approximately 43,000 square metres in total land area, PACVX will offer holistic and personalised care for elderly with dementia in China, particularly those with Alzheimer’s disease. Located within the Zhouzhi Louguan Eco Cultural Tourism Resort Zone in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, PACVX is surrounded by beautiful lakes, gardens, mountains and cultural attractions, making it an ideal spot for rehabilitation and retirement.

At PACVX, elderly with mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease can live a ‘normal life’ in a protected environment. PACVX’s communal spaces and specially curated spaces will incorporate familiar places which residents may visit regularly coupled with sights and events that reminisce their younger days. PACVX’s caregivers will also take on various roles, posing as grocery store attendants, post office clerks or neighbours to instil normalcy while looking out for the residents. Besides caregivers, residents will be cared for by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team made up of neurologists, geriatricians, rehabilitation therapists, traditional Chinese medicine physicians, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and nurses.

Catering to a growing demand for dementia care, PACVX is expected to raise the bar for Alzheimer’s care in the country when its dementia care home commences operations in 2023. When fully completed, PACVX will house a total of close to 700 beds.

Property2 Information

Location Louguan Ecological and Cultural Tourism Resort, Xi'an, Shaanxi (Louguan Town, Zhouzhi County)
Description A healthcare development comprising a dementia care home, a nursing care hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, and an international eldercare research institute.
Effective Interest
Land Area
(sq ft)
Status Target to commence operations for dementia home in 2023, followed progressively by other components.
  1. Based on the number of beds.
  2. As designs are undergoing refinement, the information in this table is subject to change.
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