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Perennial Eldercare Community Tianjin

Perennial Eldercare Community Tianjin ("PECT") is part of Perennial Tianjin South High Speed Railway ("HSR") International Healthcare and Business City, a one-stop regional healthcare-centric transit-oriented development adjacent and directly connected to Tianjin South HSR Station. Positioned as a holistic eldercare community with a total of over 1,900 beds to support transitional care, it will comprise Perennial Eldercare Home, Perennial Assisted Living Apartment, Perennial Nursing Hospital and Perennial Nursing Station to cater to seniors who require independent / assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, dementia and disability care and support.

Perennial Eldercare Home Tianjin
Perennial Eldercare Home Tianjin is a premium hotel-like independent living housing for active seniors. Residents at Perennial Eldercare Home Tianjin will have dedicated butler service and enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle as housekeeping and home maintenance will be well taken care of. Featuring studios and one-bedroom units (spanning between 28 sqm and 60 sqm) with single, twin or double beds, living room, kitchenette and ensuite bathroom, Perennial Eldercare Home Tianjin is perfect for both single seniors and elderly couples. The eldercare home will comprise 374 units with 535 beds, all fully fitted and furnished with carefully selected furniture and senior-friendly fixtures. They include slip-resistance flooring, emergency bells (in the living area and bathroom), foldable shower stools and grab bars at strategic locations. Residents will also enjoy one-key access to all the shared facilities and amenities in PECT for daily convenience.

Perennial Assisted Living Apartment Tianjin
Perennial Assisted Living Apartment Tianjin will offer comprehensive professional care for seniors who require assistance with daily living activities (such as bathing, dressing, laundry and health management). It is also ideal for seniors who are still fairly independent but anticipate a gradual increase in the level of assistance over time as they age. Residents at Perennial Assisted Living Apartment Tianjin will receive customised care and health management with optional step-up services such as seamless transit to the adjacent Perennial Nursing Hospital Tianjin depending on the amount of care needed. The assisted living facility will offer 1,049 beds across rooms (spanning between 28 sqm and 40 sqm) with ensuite bathroom. All rooms will be barrier-free, wheelchair-friendly and fitted with emergency bells (in the living area and bathroom). All rooms will also be fully furnished with senior-friendly furniture, fixtures and flooring, such as nursing beds, grab bars at strategic locations, slip-resistance flooring and foldable shower stools. The senior-friendly features also extend to the surrounding garden landscape with sitting areas, ramps and handrails.

Perennial Nursing Hospital Tianjin
Perennial Nursing Hospital Tianjin will be a 299-bed nursing hospital, offering round-the-clock in-patient nursing care, dementia care, disability care and palliative care. It will also double up as a Step-Down Unit, providing an intermediate level of medical care for seniors post surgeries, as well as outpatient clinic services, including internal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation medicine services.

Perennial Nursing Station Tianjin
Perennial Nursing Station Tianjin will offer out-patient geriatric care, nursing care and home care services. One can either walk in to seek treatments or opt for tele-consultation via Perennial's WeCare APP. For those with mobility issues, Perennial Nursing Station Tianjin will be able to provide home nursing care to the seniors in the comfort of their home.


  1. Immediate Access to Three Major Hospitals

    Residents of PECT will have an exclusive ‘green lane' access to the three major hospitals - Perennial Hospital Tianjin, Perennial Rehabilitation Hospital Tianjin and Eber Perennial Brain Hospital - located within the medical component in the Perennial Tianjin South HSR International Healthcare and Business City. These three hospitals will offer a total of about 900 beds.

    Perennial Hospital Tianjin, a level 3 general hospital, will offer multi-disciplinary care services and optimised patient care with advanced medical equipment and technologies, while Perennial Rehabilitation Hospital Tianjin, a level 2 rehabilitation hospital, will focus on geriatric rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Perennial Rehabilitation Hospital Tianjin will also feature a hyperbaric chamber and a hydrotherapy facility. Eber Perennial Brain Hospital Tianjin, expected to be the city's first level 3 specialist hospital, will focus on functional neurology. In August 2022, Perennial Holdings and Shanghai Eber ("Eber") entered into a 40:60 joint venture to establish Eber Perennial Brain Hospital Tianjin. Eber is one of the top domestic brands in neurosurgery and ranked first in cerebral palsy treatment for 10 consecutive years on the Good Doctor (好大夫) platform.

  2. Holistic Facilities and Amenities to Support Healthy Ageing

    Residents of PECT will have exclusive access to PECT's holistic facilities and amenities, which will include an over 800-sqm Hydrotherapy Centre, an over 900-sqm Rehabilitation Centre, a 200-seater Restaurant and a 1,000-sqm Senior University.

    An 800-sqm Hydrotherapy Centre
    The 800-sqm centre will feature a large hydrotherapy pool with various underwater equipment such as aquatic treadmills/bicycles to regain mobility and strength. The hydrotherapy centre is open to both residents and public.

    A 900-sqm Rehabilitation Centre
    Aiding residents to build their endurance, strength, balance and flexibility with rehabilitation equipment just for the elderly, bespoke training programme and dedicated coach.

    A 200-seater Restaurant
    At PECT, nutritional care is an integral part of its eldercare services. PECT's restaurant will feature a Yihai Kerry Arawana Central Kitchen to provide customised nutritional meals using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The restaurant will also feature private dining rooms, perfect for celebrations and gatherings.

    A 1,000-sqm Senior University
    Its Elderly University spanning 1000-sqm will feature various dedicated activity spaces such as a painting and calligraphy corner, a piano classroom, a yoga classroom, a mahjong room and a table tennis room. It will also foster social well-being through recreational activities, including reading and sharing session, handicraft classes and group exercises, to keep its residents engaged.

  3. Bespoke Event and Party Planning Services

    Residents of PECT will have access to its bespoke event and party planning services. They include:

    • Special Surprise Planning for celebrations such as wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, family and friends gathering.
    • Outing Planning for activities such dining, sightseeing, theatrical performance and travel.
    • Beauty Planning for services such as massages, facials, hair treatments and manicure pedicure services at home.
    • Professional Planning for services such as memory training, focus training, NuCalm training and functional ageing exercise.
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