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Shanghai Renshoutang Eldercare Group ("Renshoutang") is one of the most established pioneers in private integrated eldercare in China, successfully integrating medical care, nursing care, rehabilitation care, dementia care and eldercare. Perennial Holdings is the single largest shareholder of Renshoutang with close to a 50% stake.

Founded in 1993, Renshoutang’s portfolio comprises over 30 eldercare and nursing facilities, predominantly in Shanghai, with close to 13,000 operating and pipeline beds. Renshoutang operates three well-known brands: Yixian Eldercare (逸仙颐养), which targets the mass market, Xiehe Eldercare (协和颐养), which focuses on more affluent customers, and Renshoutang (人寿堂), which targets the premier customer segment.

Integrated Care Model
Renshoutang is a leader in the senior living space in China with its continuum of eldercare facilities, products and services for seniors requiring care support, including assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and management of chronic disease and memory loss.

Medical Care: For residents with health issues, Renshoutang offers a wide range of medical services and programs, including Geriatric Medicine, Western Medicine and TCM for health maintenance. Renshoutang has also established exclusive ‘green lanes’ with reputable tertiary hospitals for upstream referrals and emergency cases. As part of the ‘green lanes’ agreement, top specialists from renowned hospitals also conduct regular consultations at Renshoutang’s nursing wards and outpatient clinics to address the health needs of its residents and walk-in patients from the vicinity.

Nursing Care: Renshoutang provides nursing care that focuses on the residents’ nursing needs, including wound dressing, injections, changing of feeding tubes, falls prevention, bedsore treatment and hospice care.

Rehabilitation Care: Well-equipped with rehabilitation and geriatric fitness centres, Renshoutang offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary medical rehabilitation for residents with disabilities resulting from illness or accident.

Dementia Care: Renshoutang provides customised, round-the-clock dementia care with sensory-stimulating activities and mind-stimulating programmes to slow memory degeneration, while maintaining cognitive and physical functions.

Eldercare: Besides residential care support, Renshoutang fosters social and mental well-being through active ageing activities to keep its residents engaged. Nutritional care is also an integral part of its eldercare services to ensure residents have a balanced diet that is catered to each resident’s nutritional needs or dietary restrictions. Endorsed by the Chinese Nutrition Society since 2018, the variety and nutrition value of these meals fulfil the requirements stipulated in the Chinese Dietary Reference Intake Summary and Chinese Dietary Guideline for Seniors.

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