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Perennial Xi'an North High Speed Railway Healthcare And Business City

Perennial Xi’an North High Speed Railway (“HSR”) International Healthcare and Business City is positioned as a one-stop regional healthcare-centric transit-oriented development (“TOD”) to serve the communities in the Shaanxi Province. Spanning a total gross floor area (“GFA”) of over 9.7 million sq ft, this mega development comprises two plots of land, namely Plot 4 and Plot 5, which will host medical, eldercare, residential, office and hospitality components, as well as complementary retail and health-related trades.

Strategic Location
Located in Xi’an’s main city area, Perennial Xi’an North HSR International Healthcare and Business City is seamlessly connected to the Xi’an North HSR Station, the largest HSR station in Northwest China, with good accessibility to the intercity railway, intracity metros, bus terminals for long and short-distance travel, and taxi services.

This landmark TOD is currently served by the Xi’an Airport Intercity Railway and three metro lines (Line 2, Line 4, Line 14) connecting to the Xi’an Economic Development Zone in the Northwest of Xi’an City, via the Xi’an North HSR Station. The presence of regional lines such as Baoji-Lanzhou HSR Line, which is linked to Xi’an-Baoji HSR Line and Lanzhou-Xinjiang HSR Line, elevates Xi’an to the stature of a key regional hub serving the neighbouring provinces of Gansu, Ningxia and the Xinjiang autonomous region. In addition, the city’s connectivity is boosted by the Xi’an-Chengdu HSR Line and Xi’an-Yinchuan HSR Line, which dramatically increased inter-city travel between Xi’an, Chengdu and Yinchuan. The city’s connectivity is further enhanced with the new railway lines linking Xi’an to Wuhan and Chongqing.

Perennial Xi’an North HSR International Healthcare and Business City is approximately 15 km from Xi'an's city centre, 17 km from Xi'an International Airport and 5 km from the Xi'an municipal government offices.

Plot 4:
Plot 4 will feature a 29-storey SOHO tower, an 18-storey loft tower, a 28-storey serviced apartment, a 5-level retail podium and three 3-, 4- and 5-star multi-branded hotels.

Plot 5:
Plot 5 will house a 21-storey medical block, a 23-storey eldercare tower, a 29-storey serviced apartment, a 52-storey office/hotel tower and a 5-level retail podium. The medical component will comprise a 500-bed Perennial General Hospital and a 240-bed Perennial Rehabilitation Hospital, while the eldercare component will house an 800-unit Perennial Eldercare Home.

Property Information1

Location North of Yuanshuo Road, South of Railway North Station, Jingkai District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province
Description Plot 4
SOHO: One 29-storey tower

Loft: One 18-storey tower

Serviced Apartment: One 28-storey tower

Retail Podium: 5 levels (4 levels above ground and 1 basement level)

Hotel (3, 4 and 5 stars): One 50-storey tower

Car Park: 2 basement levels

Plot 5
Medical Block: One 21-storey tower

Eldercare: One 23- storey tower

Serviced Apartment: One 29-storey tower

Hotel and Office: One 52-storey tower

Retail Podium: 5 levels (4 levels above ground and 1 basement level)

Tenure 40 years, expiring on 23 November 2052
Effective Interest 65.7%
Land Area
(sq ft)
Plot 4 - 506,973

Plot 5 - 554,306
Gross Floor Area
(sq ft)
Plot 4 - 4,405,826

Plot 5 - 5,352,645
Status Plot 4 – Target completion in 2023

Plot 5 – Target completion in 2026
  1. As the designs are undergoing refinement, the information in this table is subject to change.

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